Once again, Puklavec Family Wines have performed excellently at the London Decanter.

Slovenia received a record number of medals, totaling 223, with our cellar bringing home sixteen. We have increased the number of wines boasting a Decanter medal by four.

"Scoring sixteen medals at this year’s Decanter competition showcases the dedication and hard work of our team. With the right talent in place, we're excited to elevate our performance in the years ahead. We're keeping our fingers crossed for favorable conditions this year to craft wines that truly reflect our style: fresh, fruity, aromatic, and mineral," upon receiving the awards, said owner Tatjana Puklavec.

Silver medals:

Puklavec Family                            Seven Numbers Pinot Grigio                92

Puklavec Family                            Seven Numbers Chardonnay               90

Puklavec Family                            Seven Numbers Brut                             90

Puklavec Family                           '34                                                            90

Puklavec Family                           Traminec Pozna Trgatev                        91

Puklavec Family Wines               Seven Numbers Furmint                       90

Puklavec Family Wines               Estate Selection Brut Nature                92

Puklavec Family Wines               Jeruzalem Ormož Sauvignon                90

Bronz medal:

Puklavec Family                          Sauvignon Blanc-Pinot Grigio               86

Puklavec Family                          Estate Selection Pinot Noir                   87

Puklavec Family                          Seven Numbers Sauvignon Blanc       89

Puklavec Family Wines              Jeruzalem Ormož Sivi Pinot                  88

Puklavec Family Wines             Friends Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Sec 87

Puklavec Family Wines             Jeruzalem Ormož Rumeni Muškat       89

Puklavec Family Wines     Jeruzalem Ormož Traminec - Rumeni Muškat   88

Puklavec Family Wines            Jeruzalem Ormož Sauvignon-Sivi Pinot  86

Robert Gorjak, speaking to the specialized website ovinu.si, said: "Wines that are awarded silver medals at Decanter would typically receive gold at most other competitions. Especially those with 92 points or more in other evaluations generally collect gold medals. The late Steven Spurrier said this a long time ago. We have several wines rated between 92 and 94 points. Perhaps in previous evaluations, some of them would have received gold medals, but evidently, it's true that the criteria were a bit stricter at this year's judging."