puklavec & friends

Our puklavec & friends wines are best described as fresh, fruity and accessible to all. Drinking puklavec & friends is all about enjoying the good life together, celebrating friendship and fitting for any occasion. These wines have been awarded “Supermarket Wine of the Year” twice in the last few years in The Netherlands. We are really proud of this achievement, especially in such a highly competitive market! A bottle of puklavec & friends is always on the shopping list whilst doing the daily groceries in the supermarket.

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Jeruzalem Ormož

Our Jeruzalem Ormož wines are fresh, fruity and zingy. The grapes are from the vineyards in the Ljutomer-Ormož region where we pick the best grapes by hand. Our wines are for those who are open to inspiration, love to relax and enjoy a glass of good wine with friends or family. With production in excess of 5 million bottles per annum Puklavec Family Wines has the capacity to meet all demands. We ensure consistent high quality with all our wines throughout the wine making process. As a top shelf brand in Slovenia Jeruzalem Ormož is on the daily shopping list and also available in restaurants.

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Estate Selection

The Puklavec Family puts oenology skills, craftsmanship and the winemaker’s passion all under the spotlight with the Estate Selection wines. Aged or young, oaked or inox, in our Estate Selection, you will discover and experience the sophistication of fine wine making. Premium wines that showcase remarkable quality and terroir; fresh and fruity with an underlying mineral character.

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Seven Numbers

The Puklavec Family creates a most specific heritage and ultimate exclusivity with these wines. Geographic location is key. By marking our unique vineyards with seven numbers, we can trace every grape back to its location. Understanding specific terroir; microclimate and soil composition, demands dedication and knowledge. Our Seven Number wines prove this dedication can deliver spectacular results, enjoying a steadily growing reputation amongst wine connoisseurs.

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Welcome to our Boutique Winery located in the beautiful Tikveš Wine District
in the Povardarie region. Here we produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and
Vranec. High quality wines made from handpicked and handselected grapes,
expressing the terroir in their own unique way. Experience yourself and enjoy
our ruby, red wines with the ones you really care about.

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