Puklavec Family Wines welcomes Luka Radiček as Chief Winemaker


Puklavec Family Wines is excited to announce the arrival of their new chief winemaker, Luka Radiček. Along with extensive knowledge and ten years of international experience, Luka brings freshness and innovative spirit to the family owned winery.

Luka Radiček, a 32-year-old oenologist who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, majoring in viticulture and winemaking, has already gained extensive experience in the world of winemaking. He has spent his decade-long career working in two Croatian wineries: Badel 1862 and PP Orahovica. Radiček says that he was immediately attracted to the winery because of their modern cellar, the unique terroir and the modern and innovate approach to the national and international markets.

His personal philosophy of winemaking focuses on terroir, which, in his opinion, is the key to any wine's distinguishing features, especially in the vineyards of the Ljutomer-Ormož region, which is ideal to produce light, fresh, aromatic wines and sparkling wines.

His motto, inspired by Mark Twain, reads: "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

With the arrival of their new chief oenologist, the Puklavec Family Wines wine cellar heralds a new chapter in their success story, continuing and expanding along the path of tradition and innovation in viticulture.

Tatjana Puklavec, owner of the winery, adds: "We are excited to be able to include new, talented people in our team. Luka is a perfect fit for our young and motivated team of winemakers, and we look forward to everything that awaits us in the future!"