Harvest 2019


Havest report from Slovenia and Macedonia.


The harvest in Slovenia is for approx. 16-20% smaller compared to last year. However, we have had a good harvest, with the same amounts like the previous year. We were lucky, because our region did not get struck by hail, like the rest of Slovenia. We are expecting really good quality, much better then in 2018, because we were able to start the harvest three weeks later than last year. We have had a warm summer and could start the harvest in cooler weather, which led to a much better potential for the aromatics. Besides better aromatics, we are expecting wines with vibrant acids, moderate alcohol and a low ph, which will have a long shelf life. 2019 will be a really good quality harvest. Our three outstanding varietals this year are Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Riesling.

Pinot Grigio is just perfectly matured concerning the flavor potential. Riesling has a fantastic low ph and ripe acids combined with a just perfect ripening of the fruit. The final wines will be aromatic, mineral and vibrant, just how a Riesling from our Region should be. Chardonnay can simply not be better. The fruit is 100% developed and we have the perfect harmony in the mouth. We will have a soft Chardonnay (which is not easy in our region) with a good structure but with the typical fresh acidity from our region, we are expecting an exciting wine.

As every year we finished the harvest with our famous Furmint. Extra attention was needed in the vineyards due to some rot infection which asked for a selective harvest. The results are promising. The acids are nicely ripe, the complexity of the taste and the nice typical ripe aromatic profile of the young wine is giving a good predisposition for maturation and also for barrel maturation. From a quality point of view a good harvest for Furmint, but only in a limited amount.


On average the harvest in Macedonia will be between 30-50% less grapes compared to last year, due to severe drought in the winter and in the spring. The red grapes are slightly overripe, but have a good phenolic maturity, so we are expecting a good vintage in our cellar. Even though there is a severe lack of quantity, we will luckily be able to fulfill our plans.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Vranec will have a long life and will be perfect for aging. Especially for Vranec we are having high expectations. Due to the draught we have a reduced yield, which is really helping to get in grapes with a good phenolic maturity, which we were missing in the last years. We are expecting very fruity wines with a nice deep ruby color, which can be aged for ten years.